The sold-sign-home-for-salevast number of  services aimed at helping homebuyers and sellers complete their own transactions without a real estate professional makes it seem like a simple process that can be handled with little to no fuss – and may have you wondering if working with an agent is still necessary. While doing the work yourself can save you some money,  it also runs the risk of potentially costing you far more than the REALTORS® commission would have been. Buying or selling a home is a major undertaking, and one still best handled with the help of a pro!
1. RE/MAX Commonwealth Agents can personally create a marketing plan for you that maximizes your home’s potential. In addition, there isn’t a preset advertising system that restricts how often your property can be promoted!
2. RE/MAX Commonwealth Agents spend their own hard earned money to sell your home. Therefore, they have a vested interest in selling it for the highest price, best terms, and within the shortest period of time.
3. RE/MAX Commonwealth Agents make their own business decisions – which puts your interests ahead of a typical real estate office’s “Company Policy”.
4. RE/MAX Commonwealth Agents pay to be at RE/MAX. They participate in the office overhead and are also responsible for their own personal expenses. This system allows for only the best and most dedicated real estate agents!
5. RE/MAX Commonwealth Agents receive over 70% of their business from personal referrals – which is more than twice the industry average – and is a real measure of an agent’s success!
6. RE/MAX Commonwealth Agents have a wide array of advanced marketing tools and technology available to them – Like an in-house marketing and design team, mobile search apps, property search on Facebook business pages, Virtual Tours on all listings, as well as marketing tools available exclusively to RE/MAX Agents.
7. RE/MAX has over 90,000 agents in over 6,000 offices worldwide – which represents an important source of potential buyers.
8. RE/MAX Commonwealth Agents average more than 18 years of real estate industry experience. With today’s ever increasing real estate demands – that experience is critical to your success.
9. RE/MAX Commonwealth Agents are using technology to remain “Above the Crowd” – to quickly communicate and track vast amounts of information necessary to sell your home.
10. RE/MAX Commonwealth is ONLINE. Your home will be marketed to millions of potential buyers on the Internet – and it only takes one buyer to put a sold sign on your front yard!