Downsize Your Parents – NOW 

Downsize Your Parents – NOW

Whether this is a necessary downsizing or an emergency downsizing, we’ve got you covered! My network of companies are experienced in immediate later-life moves, including where to live, what to consider, what is affordable, sorting, packing, decluttering, selling, online auctions, donating, unpacking, and floor planning.

Starting from scratch does take an army of support and we are already in place to support your immediate needs. We do this everyday!

From finding the new assisting living community and with a full house, to locating the best new living community and an empty house, then selling the house, we work within the needs of the POA (Power of Attorney), executor/trustee/attorney to walk through the steps.

Don’t know what legal steps are best? Our network includes Elder Law attorneys specializing in guarding and protecting assets, senior’s rights, wills, trusts, VA benefits, and also creating an updated Virginia Power of Attorney.

And Finally, my network members coordinate everything to sell and liquidate:
• Repurpose, Sell or Dispose
• Pack, Move, and Place
• Prep, Repair and Paint
• And then, I Sell the House

We are the best full support you can find. We are the source for the resource and having downsized hundreds of families provides you with Award Winning guided options and suggestions. Call before you start visiting assisting living communities as you may negate the free locator service that accompanies you through the assisted living communities.

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