The Downsizing Generation

There are two Downsizing Generational levels and while they have much in common, they are completely different in living goals.

55+ Living 

75+ Living

55+ Living- Here We Come!

   It probably seems just like yesterday we were enjoying the wilds of youth of the 1940’s, 50’s, or 60’s. We are a product of the beginning of the space age and rock and roll, champions of black and white movies to color, a shadow of our parents’ contribution to WWII, and for some, heroes in the Korean and Vietnam wars. You also might have rebelled against the establishment, grew long hair, and maybe even enjoyed the ride like a hippie, or at least wanted to.

   As we hit our stride of the 70’s, it was the start of the consumer level digital age. The first personal computers were marketed, then inflation kicked-in and the cost of a house doubled, the cost of gas almost tripled and the cost of a new car was up over 30%. Yet, we survived!

   No matter what route you took, you are here now. We’ve earned the best living as the world continues to build on our foundation. A change has again happened and this generation is reworking housing to a practical accommodating structure to better support longevity. Remember, a house is nothing but a tool that works for you to keep you safe and comfortable. Once your life revolves around the house, it has lost its usefulness. You become a babysitter!

This generation is different from all other generations because no one is babysitting the house. They are downsizing as fast as they can and we are here to make this almost easy!

What is in place:

   I created a network of different companies to guide you through the right steps to find your simpler home, liquidate the stuff and the house that probably needs updating.

Where are you going and what is out there?

Here are the general options:
   • Practical Homes with downstairs primary bedroom
   • Luxury Condos
   • 55+ Active Adult communities with amenities
   • Independent/Assisted Living Communities

My network members can coordinate everything to sell and liquidate:
   • Repurpose, Sell or Dispose
   • Pack, Move and Place
   • Prep, Repair, Paint
   • And then, I Sell the House

   As an award-winning REALTOR and Senior Real Estate Specialist, I am ready to help you make the best of it. It’s not just about real estate anymore.

My Network Includes:

Specialized Downsizers
You will have access to companies who are experienced in later life moves, including sorting, packing, decluttering, selling, online auctions, donating, unpacking, just to name a few, and floorplanning in your new home or community.

Elder Law Attorneys
Elder Law attorneys specialize in guarding and protecting assets, senior’s rights, wills, trusts, VA benefits, and creating an updated Virginia Power of Attorney.

This generation has changed the way we look at housing and babysitting the house is not a goal anymore. Let’s talk about what’s right for you.


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